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Ceylan  te  has  been  satisfying  tea  drinkers  around  the  world  exporting  the real  taste  of  tea  from Sri Lanka. Incorporated  on  the  23 rd  September  of  2003 as  exporters  of  tea  in  packets,  bulk and bags,  the distinctive  range  of processed  teas  we  produce have earned  reputation. The  assured quality of our flavored and  herbal  infusions  is  unparalleled  among other brands, as outstanding as  been  the  market performance of  our  exclusive, natural  and  very healthy pure  Ceylon  teas - black  tea,  green  tea,  organic  tea and leaf tea.

Our  exceptional  success  in  a  short  period  reflects  boldness  also  to  respond to  those markets  around  the  world  who  have  chosen  our  brand  of  teas

The  knowledge  and  expertise  we  possess  has  enabled   CEYLAN  TE  to maintain  this dogged CHALLENGE  in  the  global  tea  trade,  supported  by  the keen  emphasis  on research  and  development  to  cater  to  the  timeless  tradition in  every  sip  our  renowned tea.

We  are  popular  the  world  over,  our  largest  share  of  exports  being  in  the SPAIN, all EUROPE,  ARAB  COUNTRIES,  ASIA  Under  our  own  brand  name CEYLAN TE,  and of  course,  under  our  buyer´s  own  private  labels.Both  pleasant  to drink  and  any  where  in  the  world,  CEYLAN  TE  is  becoming  an important signal that  will  fashion  the  passion  of  tea - drinking  during  this new Millennium.We are  geared  to  take  on  new  CHALLENGES  into  the  future with  continuing sincerity of  our  loyal  work  force,  to  give  pure  Ceylon  tea  to the  world,  with unmatched  dignity and  integrity…

Taste it and See the Different