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Coconut Products

Welcome to Ceylan Coconut Products , We provide coconut products including

 Raw Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil                                     Organic Coconut Sugar

 Organic Coconut Flour                                                                          Coconut Butter

 Creamed Coconut

The whole coconut oil milling process takes place on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka where we have four partner Coconut Oil Mills. Our coconut oil mills each can produce 2-8 tons of beautiful, slightly aromatic coconut oil per day giving us a combined capacity of 18 to 32 thousand litres per day. Our partner mills are located in Kandana.

Our Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is a coconut oil that is extracted from fresh coconut meat or kernel and is processed using only physical and mechanical means called cold press expelling using a screw-type press

Ceylan Virgin Coconut Oil can be packaged in virtually any size. Our off the shelf Jars cater for the needs of most wholesalers and retailers of Virgin Coconut Oil but individual packaging requirements can be discussed. Our Virgin Coconut Oil Totes or IBC's can be shipped anywhere in the world to those who wish to do their own packaging of Virgin Coconut Oil or Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. 

If you ever do come to Sri Lanka and visit our coconut milling areas you will discover that coconuts are part of life. You will see trucks of every size taking coconuts from the coconut plantations to various processing facilities. They may be going to get de-husked or have already been de-husked and are heading for one of our partner oil mills for processing.

You will see roadside stalls (called boutiques in Sri Lanka) every 200 metres or so where someone is selling coconuts for drinking purposes. You will see front yards of homes with all types of coconut fibre where some processing may have been done and then it will be passed on to a factory for final processing before being baled up and sent to other countries to make bedding mattresses.

You will see timber yards with old coconut trunks which they use for some building products. Not one piece of the coconut tree is wasted which makes it one of the great renewable commodities of our time. 


When doing business with Ceylan Coconut  product  you can be sure that your getting: 

 100% Coconut Products                                                                        100% Cold Pressed

 100% Raw if required                                                                             100% Organic if required

 100% Renewable Resource

Packing  Shipping  Freight

Coconut Sugar Size


5g sachet in plastic pouch


5g sachet in small case


250 grams size packaging

Stand up zip pouch

500 grams size packaging

Stand up pouch

1 kilogram

Standard pouch

50 kilograms

Standard pouch

1,000 kilograms

Standard pouch

Terms and Conditions

1.    Our Coconut  product availability is 30 to 45 days dependant on the volume of the order and production load and we start to produce upon             receipt of payment. This ensures that your products will arrive with maximum shelf life.
2.    Prices are quoted in US dollars and may change anytime without notice due to currency fluctuations and the cost of raw materials.
3.    The prices mentioned are for one Cubic Metre or Pallet per product as Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Obviously this will be shipped LCL (less        than container load)
4.    One Cubic Metre or Pallet of coconut oil products weight  approximately 300 kilograms or volume is around 300 litres when in retail packaging        and approximately 600 kilograms or litres if in bulk packaging.
5.    The actual price can be provided and guaranteed by Ceylon Gold issuing  a Formal Quote or Pro-forma Invoice.
6.    Payment is 50% down payment and 50% full payment 5 days advance prior to pick up / delivery.
7.    Mode of payment is through T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
8.    Documents,  of readiness and loading will be sent via Email, etc.

 Private Label

We can offer Packaging on coconut oil products with your business label. We print customer labels upon request. Label cost is about US$216 and will be good for about 3,000 pieces dependant on the label size. Excess labels can be used on the next order.

Estimated shipping and associated costs

Ex Works
Pick up from our Office/Warehouse in Manila, Phillipines. Ex Works does not include palletizing, local transportation, freight forwarding, pre-shipment inspection, custom and tax charges and Insurance.

FOB Port of Colombo Estimated Cost (LCL)
Additional cost of US$250 for initial CBM and US$200 pre-shipment inspection, custom and tax charges only

C&F, CFR, CNF Estimated Cost (LCL)
Includes all expenses m(except insurance) incurred in transporting the cargo from the manufacturing plant to the port and ocean freight  to the port  of destination.

a) For ASIA-PACIFIC Port: Additional cost of US$350 for initial CBM and US$250 for succeeding CBM.
b) For US-EUROPE Port: Additional cost of US$400 for initial CBM and US$350 for succeeding CBM.

Shipping Insurance is not included in the above shipping cost but can be provided upon request with additional cost.
Requiring Certificate Of Origin has charge of US$100. For Special Laboratory Test also has charge and the cost are dependant on the type of test to be performed.

Our Coconuts


Ceylan  Virgin Coconut Oil is raw and cold pressed from fresh coconuts that are harvested from plantations which grow organically cultivated coconut palms on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka (formally Ceylon).

Coconuts are harvested all year but each tree is vested every 45 to 55 days to harvest mature coconuts.  Most of the harvesting is achieved by utilising long bamboo poles with attached knives to cut the ripe coconut bunches from the coconut trees. Extremely tall trees are harvested by specifically trained and very experienced workers who climb the trees and retrieve the fresh coconuts.

Farm workers then place the coconuts in neat piles ready for transfer to the processing facility. The freshly harvested coconuts are then ready for the kernel to be removed from the hard coconut shell. After separation the fresh coconut meat is air dried and the oils are pressed out mechanically and collected. Ceylon Gold process natural fresh coconuts and there is no need to use heat or chemicals during the cold press expeller process.

The plantations that Ceylon Gold source from use natural fertilizers and procedures to improve soil fertility and viability. The control of weeds and pests is by natural means. Our plantations are provided with a proprietary compost that meets the nutrient and feed requirements of coconut palms.

The mulch used in the plantations utilise the old coconut fronds and leaves which in turn provide the high levels of potassium and other nutrients required by coconut trees for flower and fruit production.

You may be aware of the difficulties Sri Lanka has had in the past. As a result of this  many coconut plantations and farms were neglected and had failed to maintain the soil fertility and viability of their coconut trees.  Due to this neglect the amount of coconuts harvested each year had declined dramatically however the good news is that with the implementation of natural and organic practices over a two to five year period the production of coconuts will increase by come 60 to 100 percent also increasing the income of the farmers and workers.

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