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Green Tea

Green tea refers to tea that follows a process of mild oxidation, and no fermentation. Green tea is heat treated to retain its colour and freshness. Generally Green tea has a light taste. Green tea usually has a yellow appearance when brewed. The tea may have a yellow-greenish appearance when water is first poured.

Black Tea Grades Names

Grade names are used in Sri Lanka to classify its teas in terms of size and appearance of a leaf. There are two categories of grades, ‘Leaf grades’ and ‘Smaller broken grades’. Leaf grades refers to the size and appearance of the teas that were produced during Sri Lanka's colonial era, and which are still being used, and Smaller broken grades refer to the modern tea style and appearance.

Leaf grades

Orange Pekoe A (OPA) - The largest whole leaf wiry tea.

Orange Pekoe (OP) - A whole leaf, well twisted tea showing no tip. OPA and OP generally produce a delicate brew that varies in taste according to the different districts in which it is grown.

Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP) - Smaller than OP leaves, also rolled lengthwise.

Orange Pekoe 1 (OP 1) - A well twisted leaf tea, generally from the low country region.

Pekoe - A curly leaf style giving a light cup and delicate taste.

Smaller broken grades

Broken Orange Pekoe

(BOP) - A smaller or broken leaf OP, which helps to bring out a good balance of taste and strength.

Broken Pekoe 1

The larger leaf of CTC (Crush, Tear & Curl) type manufacture with large spherical particles, with no tip, giving a full bodied bright tea.

Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe

(FBOP) - A semi-leaf tea with some tip. Generally produces a mellow flavoured taste.

Broken Orange Pekoe

Fannings (BOPF) - A particle smaller than BOP, popular in the higher elevations. Has a stronger taster than BOP whilst keeping all other characteristics.


The smallest particle of leaf size. Fine granular particles that bring out best strength and body, ideal for commercial brewing.

Silver Tips

The finest buds from teas of a special colour which turn silvery colour when dried. Produces a very delicate fragrant brew.